Il Camping Waikiki a Jesolo è la meta ideale per chi desidera una vacanza a contatto con la natura senza rinunciare al comfort.

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Enrico Menegatti

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Legni come sogni

Born in 1955, originally from Codigoro, in the province of Ferrara.
He was the winner, among many certificates, of the Arte Mondadori prize in 2000. In 2016 he obtained the special Riva1920 recognition of the Reuse – Nutrition for Planet prize at the Festa del Legno di Cantù (Cantù Wood Festival), a prize dedicated to works of art created with recycled materials or recycling. In 2017 he was invited to collaborate with several works at the Guido Monaco Park of the Pomposa Abbey, famous worldwide for having hosted the birth of musical notes; in 2023 he participated by invitation with the work “San Giorgio e il Drago” in the “Bologna Montana Art Trail” project – the 100 km long open-air gallery dotted with land art works.
He is working on a project with the “Kida Organic Forest”, an organic company in Ferrara, where the largest bamboo plantation in Italy will be built. It is expected that 40 works will be positioned over the course of two years to create an educational itinerary that will illustrate plants and sculptures.
For the Natural Art Oasis project, he animated the pine forest of the Waikiki Village with a series of aquatic birds, characteristic of these areas, made with the wooden material that the sea returns to the beach, after having traveled kilometers transported by the fresh waters of the river which nearby flows into the sea.

Enrico Menegatti


Enrico Menegatti, an “artist” thanks to nature.
“I have always been passionate about art and for some years now, in addition to painting, I have dedicated myself to sculpture.
I create my works in wood, with branches and trunks brought ashore by the sea.
When I walk along the shore and I see something that could be useful to me, I pick it up and take it with me.
Over the years he has created numerous sculptures. Wood is an ancient, primary resource, and using it in this way, shaping what nature offers me, always gives me new emotions.
My sculptures are homage to the animal world. I try to make everything with recycled materials, even the nails and ropes I use to assemble the figures.
It’s my way of thanking nature and turning waste into art.”


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