Il Camping Waikiki a Jesolo è la meta ideale per chi desidera una vacanza a contatto con la natura senza rinunciare al comfort.

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Regulation Waikiki Village

  /  Regulation Waikiki Village

These regulations are presented to guests when they arrive. They are displayed in the Reception. By entering the campsite, guests automatically accept the General Terms and Conditions in full.



Every person must be registered to enter and stay in the campsite. On arrival every guest must present an identity document for registration for legal purposes. S/he must ensure that it is correct and let us know of any changes or errors.
Every guest will be given a “Camping -pass”, to be shown if requested by security staff and an ID bracelet that must be worn for the whole of your stay. Both must be returned upon departure.
If, following inspection, the number of people staying in the campsite is larger than the number declared, the Management will charge daily rates increased by 100% as from the day of registration for each person that has not been declared. The whole family will then be sent away from the campsite.



People that would like to visit the guests of Camping Waikiki are requested to leave a document of identification at the entrance. In case of a stay longer than 60 minutes, a fee will be charged to the visitor according to price list. Visits to campers are allowed only until 8 p.m. under prior authorisation by the Management.Visitors must always leave the campsite by 10 p.m. at the latest. The Management may forbid entry to visitors. Motor vehicles and motorcycles must be left outside the campsite. The campsite Guest must make sure that his visitors are in possess of the permission given by the Management; more over he is responsible for his visitors’ behavior inside the campsite.



Minors (children under the age of 18) must be accompanied by and stay with their parents or legal guardians, who are responsible for ensuring that they observe and respect the campsite rules. Children must always be attended when using the different equipments and toilettes. Parents shall be liable for their children.



The reservation holder must check if all the equipment in the accommodation is properly kept; any fault must be promptly communicated to the Reception for maintenance purposes.
The reservation holder shall be liable for any faults and must pay for damages in the event of breakages or short ages. Due to organisational reasons – is not possible to ensure a specific accommodation’s number. In this regard, we inform our client that the Management can change the number of the accommodation at any time before the check-in. Animals are not permitted inside living units (except for PET VILLAGE where dogs are allowed) either temporary or in company of other visitors, even if they are kept outside the units. It is not allowed to put up tents among accommodation units.



The Guest knows that only one motorhome or, alternatively, one caravan plus one vehicle (car or motorbike) can be placed on each pitch. Each emplacement is well marked and numbered. All equipment, including vehicle, must be placed within these limits, considering an adequate distance to keep from the adjoing emplacements in order to leave the way clear and guarantee an easy access to water and electricity as well as an escape route in case of emergency. The emplacement chosen gives you the right to only one electrical socket. It is not allowed to change emplacement without the Management’s authorization. It is forbidden to occupy an emplacement with chairs, tables, bikes etc.For hygienical and sanitary reasons every Guest must keep the assigned emplacement perfectly clean and tidy. The installation of verandas, curtains or tarpaulins is not allowed. Pets are not allowed on the pitch.



  • Smoke in lodgings, toilets and public spaces in the whole campsite (Art. 51, Law no. 3, 16/01/2003);
  • to keep any kind of fuel or flammable substance;
  • to erect fences; any unauthorized fence will be removed without prior notice;
  • to hang cord sat head height, tie sheets or any type of cover to trees;
  • to damage trees, plants or equipment belonging to the campsite;
  • It is forbidden to dig holes of any kind and for any reason;
  • to pour boiling liquids or liquid of discharge on the ground and dispose of your waste water in the drain near the fountain of drinking water.;
  • to light FIRES or use any naked flames (candles, etc.);
  • to damage electrical systems;
  • to introduce weapons or offensive weapons into the campsite;
  • to set up TENTS of any size;
  • to use the swimming pools during closing time;
  • to display banners, flags or posters of anykind. In accordance with the safety rules and in order to respect the environment, barbecues with gas, wood or charcoal are not allowed.



For the peace and safety of all, cars and motor bikes must be used as little as possible. The max speed allowed is 10 km/h. Vehicles must not be used at night (midnight – 7 am). It is forbidden to park motor vehicles near the restaurant and outside the design at ed areas.



From 1 to 3 p.m. and from midnight to 7 a.m. the utmost quiet has to be respected. At all times of the day please avoid noise or any type of behaviour that may disturb other campers. Audio and video equipment must be used with extreme moderation and never from midnight to 7 a.m.



Despite the campsite is always under surveillance, the Management shall not beliable for any thefts or losses. ALL CAMPERS MUST LOOK AFTER THEIR OWN PERSONAL PROPERTY. We recommend that you take care of your personal effects and take appropriate precautions. Cash and valuable objects should not be left unattended inside caravans, tents or accommodation units. Any lost property found in the campsite must be handed over to police officers or the Management so as to return it to its law full owner.



On our campsite we separate rubbish. Throughout the resort there are recycling areas and numerous bins, which guests are kindly asked to use correctly.

  • Sanitations, sinks and showers should be used and left in the conditions you would like to find;
  • It is also forbidden to wash yourself in the fountains of drinking water, wash dishes and laundry outside the appointed sinks;
  • It is forbidden to wash cars inside the campsite;
  • It is recommended not to run the water for domestic purpose sun less strictly necessary.



In order to maintain an orderly and clean condition and allow everyone to enjoy a pleasant view of the COMMON SPACES, we kindly ask you to respect the following guidelines:
– Do not plant umbrellas or any other shady structure
– park your car in the assigned parking lot marked with the number of your accommodation
– Do not bring outside any items of FURNITURE (benches, armchairs, tables, sofas, etc.)
– On the common space GRASS only towels, sunbeds and inflatable mattresses are allowed, which, like any other object, should be removed when not in use and overnight to allow the maintenance of greenery
– HAMMOCKS are only allowed if, according to the unquestionable opinion of the personnel, they do not imply any danger. In no case may the hammocks be fixed to the structures of the accommodation
– Do not TIE any kind of rope to plants, poles or other types of support. A stretched string at any height is a danger and if not seen it can cause serious injury to people.
The Management reserves the right to have MODIFIED OR REMOVED ANY EQUIPMENT if not in compliance with the Camping rules or the safety rules. The village staff is entitled to remove the customers’ property also.



The pitches are supplied with minimum 6A of electrical power. This is based on the energy consumption of lowpowered appliances. As a result, equipment such as heaters, hobs, water heaters, etc. must not be used.
Electrical system can be checked at any time by the Management staff; the use of a water tight three-pin wire + earth wire is compulsory, in compliance with EEC rules.



The Management cannot be held responsible for damages caused by other Guests, vandalism, weather events and natural disasters, falling trees, branches or pine cones, fire, insects, epidemic, diseases including plant diseases. We inform you that your personal data will be treated according to law, fully respecting our Guest’s rights and their privacy as guaranteed by the italian legislative Decree 196/03. Any body wishing to complain about the behavior of other guests will have to report to the Management, which will take the necessary measures. The Management may send away from the campsite any body responsible for vandalism, causing inconvenience or infringing these rules.


These RULES impose restrictions which are fully justified by their aims, that is to create better conditions for civilized coexistence inside a Camping Village. We there forecount onour distinguished guests to comply with these small restrictions that will enable them to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful stay.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a pleasant stay.