Il Camping Waikiki a Jesolo è la meta ideale per chi desidera una vacanza a contatto con la natura senza rinunciare al comfort.

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Camping Village Waikiki Jesolo

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Cascading holidays … in the pool

The space dedicated to the swimming pool of the Waikiki Village can be recognized from afar: a cloud of nebulized water draws and intrigues the guests’ gaze, heralding an environment that has nothing to be taken for granted. This is the so-called “Albero della nebbia” (the tree of mist), a design structure designed by architect Simona M. Favrin which, alluding to the mists of the Jesolo lagoon, delights the senses and refreshes those who sunbathe or play on the “shore”. Yes, waterfront: even if it is the swimming pool we are talking about, in fact, the environment is innovative and studied in every small detail in order to reproduce the “beauties” of the beach without sacrificing maximum comfort and fun. Taking up the typical aesthetic traits of the lagoon environment, a rounded pool satisfies the needs of young and old with a backdrop made of rubbery, soft and non-slip material in which, especially children, can move and have fun in complete safety. The height never exceeds 45 cm and the water temperature is always pleasant. From the typical dunes of the place, two cascading slides flow into the main pool in a pleasant mix to the eye and of great satisfaction for those who want to slide on them and be accompanied in the water with a gentle dip! Music, refreshments and entertainment complete the work, without forgetting the installation of the triangles of light (created by young Venetian art students) which make the environment unique and evocative from above. For the more sporty, next to the “lagoon” there is also a “traditional” rectangular pool with high water where you can treat your well-being with the classic “tubs”.