Il Camping Waikiki a Jesolo è la meta ideale per chi desidera una vacanza a contatto con la natura senza rinunciare al comfort.

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Camping Village Waikiki Jesolo

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Waikiki Village, a summer vacation rocked by art

In our new generation village, Nature and Art come together to make every day more evocative.

What if art, in all its forms, becomes part of our vacation every day, from the moment we wake up to the night, in the pool and in the restaurant? This is exactly what happens to Waikiki Village, renamed Natural Art Oasis, a place where nature and art cross paths in a harmony of shapes, lights and colors, offering to guests a multisensory experience that adds aesthetic pleasure to quality and comfort. The focus of this new concept is always the environment to be respected and enhanced in all its aspects: nature and landscape are enriched with works of art of various kinds, from painting to photography, from installations to sculpture.

Each area is like an exhibition

In every corner of the village, art penetrates our senses and becomes part of our routine. In the space dedicated to the pools, the mural by street artist Alessio-B., “The World is Ours”, invites you to take care of the Planet and respect our Habitat.

The new lagoon pool, on the other hand, is inspired by the natural dunes that protect the village from the sea and hosts “The tree of mist” by the architect Simona M. Favrin who, with its sprayed water effects, reproduces the soft padded mantle of the typical mist that envelops the pine forest in the middle seasons. There’s more.

The new Mobile Homes are built to blend in with the environment and become one with the pine forest. Inside there is a small photo gallery of the artists Anna Socci and Sonia Uniati. In the Kiki Homes the photographs follow one another on the entire wall of the bedroom to show the nature of the Jesolo coast with the creativity of the images.

A springboard for emerging artists

The importance of art is so central that the village promotes a unique initiative to encourage and nourish all sectors of creativity. With an easy format to fill in online, it offers the possibility to all artists who wish to collaborate to apply with their own project or an ad hoc idea (to collaborate, click here). In this way, the village encourages not only established artists to take part in the innovative project, but also young and emerging artists to enter into this world that sees art and nature embrace each other along the way, promoting the often forgotten sector of art and design.

Artists at Waikiki

Alessio B. is one of the most popular street artists on the Italian scene. Born in Padua in 1971, a great connoisseur of the work of Bleck le rat and Banksy, he brought his drawings to all the great European capitals, especially Paris and Berlin, and as far as Florida, New York and Korea. He is known for the representation of children holding hands, drawing hearts on the wall or looking at the starry sky and underlining pacifist messages aimed at a better future. In 2013 he exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, in 2015 at the Cut it Out international event in Berlin, in 2017 he inaugurated the Urban Nation museum in Berlin and the Urban Art section of the Paris Art Fair-Art Elisees, then the Gallery Civica Cavour of Padua.

In the bedrooms of the Kiki Homes, the photos of Anna Socci and Sonia Uniati follow each other across the wall, describing through pictures the nature of Jesolo, where natural elements dominate.

Simona Favrin, on the other hand, with her “Tree of mist” led to the Waikiki his skill in designing indoor and outdoor spaces, with a predilection for the design of greenery and water in the context of which she experiments with the combination of water and glass. She is a passionate architect and expert in artistic glass, with an in-depth knowledge of methods and techniques of glass production in the field of glass design.