Il Camping Waikiki a Jesolo è la meta ideale per chi desidera una vacanza a contatto con la natura senza rinunciare al comfort.

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Camping Village Waikiki Jesolo

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The sea? I want it close

“When I’m on vacation … I want to smell the sea!” Alberto Sordi said. Today he would be thrilled to spend a holiday in the new habitats of the Waikiki village designed according to the most innovative design criteria to allow you to experience the sea in a state-of-the-art way. They are part of what experts have called “seafront redevelopment project”: the “Kiki air” mobile homes are raised above the ground and have very spacious verandas on two levels, to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the breathtaking view between dunes and sea, wrapped in a natural oasis. Thanks to a precise path of structural growth, these new lodges, which respect the goals of design and the most advanced technology, are designed to ensure maximum comfort in the context of an experience of total immersion in nature. But that’s just the beginning …

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